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Daddy has lots of pictures of me taken, and these are few so you know what I look like now. This is page 1, don't be afraid to press the next page button on top to see many more exciting pictures. This page is from my first summer.

Here I am sporting my new hat. I have a Harley Davidson t-shirt and jean jacket to go with it, but it was very warm that day. At least the hat keeps the sun out of my eyes!
Daddy tried to get a picture of me lined up with all my toys, but I was very restless that day. Besides, it's far more fun to chomp them!
Daddy took me to Forest Park and I got to see a cool llama. The llama really liked me I think. I wasn't allowed in the part of the park with all the geese and goats and stuff, but maybe the Washington State park system will be more enlightened one day. Daddy says they just need to get rid of all the Democrats and Republicans, and replace them with Libertarians. Not sure what a Democrats and Republicans are, but they must be very scary creatures.